Power Law, P.C.
Chico California Attorney

Find the big firm style legal counsel you can work with in your hometown region at Power Law P.C., in Chico, CA. Attorney Stacie L. Power, Esq., offers a boutique law firm opportunity for clients who want to enjoy all the advantages of her broad legal experience and education. She works closely with clients, and has the knowledge of many areas of law to apply to your situation. This is very helpful when it is necessary to incorporate those different areas of law practice into creating a winning argument for your unique case.

Power Law P.C.

Power Law P.C. is owned by Stacie L. Power, a dedicated and caring professional who uses her broad range of skills as a California lawyer to bring consumers and business owners exceptionally strong legal representation that achieves best results. She works with people from across the northern region of California, from the Northern border to the Central Valley region. They bring her legal concerns and problems that occur in many areas of law, including Real Estate, Family law, Business Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation.

Chico CA Law Firm

At Power Law, P.C., we offer the following clients services to help you manage all areas of your life that may ever need legal attention:

  • Business Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Unlawful Detainer

When you encounter challenges in your personal or business matters, call Attorney Stacie L. Power to get the legal counsel you need to make important decisions. Our law firm approach is to work closely with clients to make sure they understand the legal process and related matters that apply to their case. Our attitude is that every client is unique and deserves individual attention and solutions. From your first contact with our Chico CA Law Firm, you will feel welcomed and find the important answers you need. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, no matter how large or small your case may be.

Attorney Stacie Power is ready to help you reach positive outcomes during mediation and arbitration meetings, around the real estate settlement tables, or inside the courtrooms of California. She will fight hard for your rights and help you manage your legal affairs. Buy, sell, lease or rent property, deal with

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