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At Power Law P.C., we help Californians who need legal advice and representation for Real Estate Law activities, such as closings, contracts, title searches and more. We offer people from across the north state region of California, from the Central Valley to the Northern border, a full range of real estate and related legal services. We understand how important these transactions are, not only to owners, but also to buyers, renters and people who inherit property.

Power Law P.C.

Get the firm footing you need for dealing with real estate issues at Power Law P.C., in Chico, CA. Attorney Stacie L. Power, along with our staff of Brokers and Attorneys, has the detailed knowledge you need for handling real estate matters of all types. California has an amazing number of laws with fine details that apply to real estate transactions; this is not the time to work with a rookie attorney or to try to do-it-yourself. If you do want to DIY, we also offer an in-house self-help clinic where you can have documents reviewed by our attorney at very low-cost.

Some major issues that present problems with real estate transactions start with title searches and making sure your title is unencumbered. Other factors of the buy/sell/lease transactions people encounter with real estate deals include:

  • Financial agreements
  • Contract validity
  • Tax matters
  • Mortgage issues
  • Liens
  • Legal compliance
  • Property transfers

In addition to our Real Estate services, we offer complete Estate Planning, so you can protect your interests and that of your future heirs in advance. We will show you how to set up property transfers that minimize taxation, and how to avoid the lengthy time frame and expense of having your property go through the Probate process during estate administration.

Chico Real Estate Law Attorney

Visit the Chico, CA, law office of Stacie L. Power, Esq., an established and experienced Chico Real Estate Law Attorney to discuss your California property concerns. Our law firm is a small boutique-style office, where Stacie works closely with each client, giving them individual attention and unique solutions for their legal issues. This is the best way to learn what clients really need, to set goals and create personalized solutions that provide clients with maximum benefits and results.

Our Chico Real Estate Attorney has helped northern Californians buy, sell and lease commercial and residential properties for many years. Her extensive experience in this area of law makes it easier for her to explain details to clients and to help them decide what courses of action to take that will help them reach their personal and business goals.

Learn how Power Law P.C., can help you with your Real Estate concerns today. Contact Attorney Stacie L. Power, Esq., at her Chico, CA, law office. Call now, (530) 576-5740.

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