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Family Law is one area of legal concern that brings many people in to see our experienced Chico Family Law Attorney at Power Law P.C. Issues that affect the family include relationship matters, as well as asset and property issues. Partnerships, marriages, divorces and matters that affect minor children are matters that we can help you manage.

Sometimes we help clients with their litigation needs, from both the plaintiff and defendant side of cases. Abuse, neglect, non-payment of alimony or child support disputes all are family problems that may wind up in a courtroom for criminal and/or civil litigation. We help clients resolve the simple and the complex issues that affect their families and relatives, with the primary goal of making those distressing situations more peaceful and beneficial to our clients and their minor children.

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It is estimated that divorce affects almost 40% of all married couples today. With this problem comes various legal issues, such as child custody, guardianship, protection orders and Probate matters. To get to the solutions that best serve our client interests, Family Law Attorneys at Power Law P.C. work very closely with all parties to understand the entire family situation. We examine evidence carefully, especially when there are accusations of neglect or abuse within the family circle.

We help people across the northern region of California to find affordable, creative solutions to difficult and emotionally charged issues. Disruption of a family unit is not something to take lightly, and the court system will always seek to protect minor children. When visitation is an issue for parents or grandparents, there are legal solutions to pursue. Child and spousal support are also important matters to deal with for many couples who are separating or getting divorced. If you need to modify a previous court order or agreement, we help you deal with that through cost-effective alternatives to litigation, such as mediation or arbitration.

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Family Law addresses many issues that affect family members, from support and visitation to estate planning. Our Chico Family Law Attorney is proficient in other areas of law that relate to family matters, such as Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business and Criminal Law. We can help you manage all those pesky details that disrupt your peace of mind and get in the way of family relationships. We help clients find answers and creative solutions for their family law concerns, and we offer a strong legal arm as needed when the best course of action is litigation.

Get experienced legal advice and representation from Power Law P.C., in Chico, CA, for these family matters and more. Contact Attorney Stacie L. Power, Esq., at her law firm today. Call her at (530) 576-5740, to discuss your legal concerns.

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