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Small and medium-sized businesses have many of the same legal issues that affect large businesses, such as business structure, contracts, dispute resolution and litigation. At Power Law P.C., in Chico, CA, Attorney Stacie L. Power, Esq., helps people from across the northern region of California deal with legal matters that affect their business operations. She also has solid experience in many areas of law practice that are related to Business Law, such as Real Estate, Bankruptcy and Litigation.

Attorney Stacie L. Power’s experience with consumer and business law is a valuable asset to the many clients who consider Stacie to be part of their business team. It is far more cost-efficient to get the legal advice you need from this Chico Business Law Attorney before you run into expensive legal problems or litigation than it is to wait until problems arise during your efforts to run a successful California business.

Power Law P.C.

Careful planning, preparation and professional treatment are what people get when they seek legal services from Power Law P.C. Our law firm is a small boutique firm that values the attorney-client relationship. We want to build long-lasting team-style relationships with our clients. We find that knowing and understanding our clients’ needs and priorities is the best way to serve all of their legal needs. We accomplish this through personalized consultation, direct representation and/or use of qualified referrals. Reaching your goals is our goal too!

Allow us to help you with all your Business Law matters, including:

  • Business Structure & Formation
  • Contracts, Document Preparation, Mergers, Agreements
  • Real Estate – Buy, Sell, Lease – commercial or residential property
  • Litigation – plaintiff or defendant legal services
  • Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration services
  • Financial – bankruptcy, credit, disputes

Chico Business Law Attorney

People from the Central Valley of California to the Northern border regions find exceptional legal services are available from Chico Business Law Attorney Stacie L. Power. She has the experience and knowledge to help you with business start-ups, growth issues, internet business, contract law, mergers, acquisitions and more. If you have questions, Stacie will provide answers you can easily understand, and she is ready to help you decide what course of legal action is in your best interest when you face legal challenges like litigation.

California has a long and often confusing list of laws that govern business operations in this state. It is your best move to get affordable legal advice and representation from our law firm at every important step you make to manage and grow your businesses. Get the answers you need today, from Power Law, P.C. Contact our Chico, CA, law offices and learn how Attorney Stacie L. Power can help you with your Business Law concerns. Call us now, at (530) 576-5740.

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